Rules July 1st, 2019

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                    Rule valid from August 1st 2020

Description Note
1 IM-XVIYRA Constitution Approved 1999
2 IM-XVIYRA Classrules Approved 1999
3 Monotype-XV Policy Statement Approved 2018
4 New drawings 2019:
Format A3

Format A1/A2 (large)

Specification 2020 August 1st  *)

*) Note: If there is a conflict between the drawings and the specification, the specification will prevail over the drawings, but only in the specific area that is covered by the specification.

Approved July 1st, 2019


5 Interpretations August 2020 by Technical Commitee Approved August 2020
  Important documents/info, not part of the rule. Note
n/a Vote May 2019:
  Yes=38, No=0
2:  2A=0, 2B (25 mm)=0, 2B (50mm)=27, 2B (75mm)=0, 2C=11

Vote April 2018:
   2018 vote
   2018 results
   2018 descision letter

n/a  The old rulepage before June 2018 here  




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