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The first Monotype-XV in USA

January 6, 2013 photos

We launched US-3 today and had some fine sailing on 2cm of snow over good ice. The boat handles very well, is comfortable, and really wants to go! The day ended much too soon, so we will sail some more in a few days and try to get more pictures.

Cheers, Bill


March 2012 photos

Good progress now that iceboating has finished for the year. This hull will be all varnish, only painted on the bottom, so there will be some fussy work but it seems to be going very well. What a fun boat to build!

Cheers, Bill



Monotype-XV in Europe

Examples from buildings the Fuselage  








Videocamera mounted on XV S-18




IM-XVIYRA,  c/o Ulf Torberger,  Jaktvägen 81,  SE-187 42 TÄBY,  SWEDEN

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