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Monotype-XV in Holland

by Bouw van Wijk

Since 1600 sailing on ice has found its interest in Holland.

"Die Yacht", now called "Yacht" from the German publisher Delius Klasing in Bielefeld, was almost the only watersport-magazine which paid attention to the development of ice sailing yachts in northern Europe before and during the second World War. The book "Auf rasender Kufe" and "Eissegeln" from Tidick gave a lot of new information in those days.

That is why there was an immediate interest in Holland in new designs of among others, Erik von Holst with 15 m2 sail area.

In the beginning of the thirties, Hans Nathan had an 15 m2 which was built in Friedrichshafen on the border of the Bodensee in Germany, and sailed her on Braassemermeer in Holland. He was a wellknown helsman in summer in international 8m, 6m and Regenboog classes. This 15 m2 was very different from the iceboats usually sailing on the Dutch lakes in those days. About 1938 this boat was sold to Cor van Staveren, and now (1994) it belongs to his son Jan.

Enthusiasm had been born: new ice boats were designed and built to the rule of the "freie fünfzehner" as they even called it in Holland. About 8 nice iceboats with 15 m2 were built. Nice examples are "Ijsbeer" and "Ijsvogel". Both are longer than the Monotype-XV. Ijsbeer proved to be faster that Braassemermeer in races even with strong winds and bad ice conditions. Ijsvogel could win only Dutch championship in modern class ever sailed in Holland in light winds in 1963. It was called this because some 12 m2, 10 m2 and other big boats, for example Regenboog with 42 m2 and Poolvos with 43 m2, were competing as well.

But in 1937 on the Westeinderplas near Aalsmeer, Dragt built an original Monotype-XV to the design he could buy in Holland. She was sailed just a few times and then hanged up in a shed. Later she was bought by Nico Bakker from Ice Yachtclub Brassemermeer and completely restored in 1991.

Another Monotype-XV belonged to a man from Reeuwijkse Plassen. She was sailed for the last time about 1963 and is now rotten away.

Johan Valentijn, the world famous designer of American Cup 12 meters, built a beautiful Monotype-XV with his own hands in the yard of his father on the Langeraarse Plassen. He sailed her between 1960-1970 on Braassemermeer. Bouw van Wijk bought her in 1991 for his son Bouwie, now 21 years old. After restoration she is as new and sails in Holland and Germany with sailnumber XV H-10. Her name is "Kouwe Klus" which means Cold Job.

Two more Monotype-XV were brought to Holland by the famous Wim van Acker, somewhere from the USSR. They are in a very poor condition and belong to a group of iceboat owners in Monnickendam. It was a great surprise to get the IMXVIYRA Yearbook 1993 as a gift from a well known Dutch iceboater Johan Tolsma, who came back from races in Sweden. The interest in Monotype-XV already exists in Holland as long as there have been XVs.

Ben Bartels, who just sold his 10 m2 had already planned to build an XV. More friends were interested before the contact with IM-XVIYRA started. Ben changed his mind and ordered a new XV from Russia. Another order for a new XV from the same builder in Russia was given by Pieter den Haan. Both XVs will be ready to sail at the end of 1995.

Ge Been has started building a new XV. He hopes to finish her before next winter. She will sail under XV H-13 on the lake Westeinder. Years ago we saw XVs in Poland and Sweden. We still had 15 in Holland, and we had photos, articles and a story which had almost been finished. However due to the enthusiasm of the IM-XVIYRA the story is not over yet.

Holland is a small country with a lot of water, and not so much ice. We have about 10 active ice sailing clubs and the oldest and most well known, is "Ijszeilvereniging Brassemermeer" founded in 1870, located just between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The fleet consists of DN, 15 m2, 12 m2, 10 m2, several very fine American type front steerers and traditional Dutch ice sailing yacht with 16 to 24 m2 gaffrigged with jib. The oldest was built in ca. 1790, 4 new traditional Dutch ones were built in 1993 and another one is just ready.

There is a trend to go from DN (Ca. 700 in Holland) to bigger ice yachts, either traditional Dutch or Monotype XV or American front steerers type.

Bouw van Wijk





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