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Monotype-XV ice yacht

by Mats Åkerblad


The Monotype-XV ice yacht was designed in 1932 by the legendary Erik von Holst of Estonia. It became popular in a very short time, and more than 200 yachts were built in but a few years. The yacht is a strict monotype construction; in broad outline, it looks the same as in the nineteen thirties. The structural elements are nowadays joined by modern methods and the use of epoxy adhesive. The bronze runners have been replaced by runners in stainless steel. The sail is of course made of Dacron or an equivalent material. The Monotype-XV is the largest monotype class in Europe today, and the only yacht for two for which European as well as international championships are arranged.


Data: Sail area 15 m2, length=7.5 m, width 4.2 m and mast height 7.2 m. Minimum weight 205 Kg. Crew 1-2 persons.

The International Monotype-XV Yacht Racing Association (IM-XVIYRA) was founded in 1993 by sailors from Russia, Estonia, Latvia, and Sweden. The president of the association is Suulev Küünarpuu of Estonia, its vice president is George Bolchakov of Russia, and Ulf Torberger of Sweden is its secretary and treasurer. There is also a technical committee.

The Class in an International Context

Before the Second World War, the class was widely spread in all countries around the Baltic. In most the countries it survived the war and the post-war period, and around 1990, the sailors contacted each other anew. The Monotype-XV Association was founded in 1993. Today, there are active sailors in Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden. At present, the class sees its strongest growth in the Netherlands, where four to five yachts are built each year.

The Class in Sweden

There are some 20 yachts in Sweden today, a good half of which were built in the last ten years. The growth of the class is one to two yachts a year. Geographically, most of the yachts can be found in the Stockholm area.

International Exchange

Six European Championships were organised before the Second World War, and since 1993, they have been organised annually in alternating countries. Sweden hosted the 1996 Championship. 20 to 25 yachts from four or five countries usually take part in the championships. A European cup and a Baltic Cup, among others, are also arranged each year.

Class Rules

The yacht is a strict monotype construction, which means that all yachts should be equivalent. However, certain technical adjustments are continuously discussed with the purpose of making the yacht safer and more robust (more long-lived) and to make it even more pleasurable to sail. All adjustments are made without changing the basic concept, so that even old yachts can participate in the championships. Discussions about the rules on the hull strength, the quality of the sail-cloth, and sheet arrangements as well as on the specifications of runners are in progress at present.

Sailing the Monotype-XV

The yacht can be sailed from ultra-light to very strong winds and in very varying ice conditions by a crew of one or two people depending on the wind conditions. Talking about wind conditions, the sail is not taken in strong winds; instead, a ballast is added to the weight of the yacht.





IM-XVIYRA,  c/o Ulf Torberger,  Jaktvägen 81,  SE-187 42 TÄBY,  SWEDEN

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