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Erik von Holst - the designer of the XV

From BSV (Baltische Segler-Vereinigung) archiv in Steinhude, Germany

He was born 1894 in North Estonia and grew up in Birkenruh in South Estonia. After school he joined the "Gardesgranadier" Regiment in St. Petersburg. During the first World War he was sent to the front and thereafter he returned to Tallinn and became employed by Rotermann. The Director Christian Rotermann was very fond of sailing and Erik got lots of leisure time for his big interest in summer and winter sailing.

In 1919 he joined the ESYC (Estonian See Yacht Club) and in 1922 he became a staff member. Already in 1914 he constructed together with G. Proffen his first ice yacht and 1925 his book "The Ice Yacht" was published at verlag Klasing & CO in Berlin in Germany. This book was reprinted in 1984 and is A MUST for every iceboat sailor with interest of how things worked and looked before the "Monotype-XV time".

In 1928 he formed the EEU (Europäische Eissegel Union) to promote international competitions and racing classes. During 1930-35 he was an eager designer, constructor and inventor in boats and ice yachts. For example he took part in developing the "HAI-boat", which became a big class in Finland. In 1932 he designed and constructed the International Monotype-XV, which became a real success. Only with minor changes this ice yacht is still built according to the original drawings. Erik v H. himself was a formidable ice-sailor, known for fantastic starts, clever sailing tactics, feeling for the wind and ice-conditions. He also was the expert in trimming the iceboat with all the equipment.

In 1937 he designed an international 12 m2 Monotype ice yacht for EEU as a "peoples ice boat".

In 1940 he formed BSV (Baltische Segler-Vereinigung) in Germany, at that time consisting of five different sailingclubs in Germany. These five clubs came from the Baltic countries but were moved to Germany, caused by the war. He was BSV’s commodore until 1945. Erik v H. was very successful in competitions and won EC with his aerodynamic 15 m2 ice yacht "Fanal" in open class. He also won EC three times, one German Championship and one Estonian Championship with "Fanal".

Thanks for his fantastic interest, knowledge of ice sailing and construction of ice yachts we nowadays have the pleasure to sail the Monotype-XV on equal premises in competitions on an international level.

holst-tepper-1938.gif (604856 bytes)Erik von Holst and George Tepper 1938 

holst-tepper-1958.gif (687491 bytes) Erik von Holst and George Tepper 1958




Erik von Holst died 1962, but will be remembered as one of the outstanding ice boaters in the history of ice yachting.

Ulf Torberger




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